Sit Daily

Sit Daily

Sit Daily

This is one of the best things you can do for your practice. Many of us have had periods in which we meditate here and there, without any consistent practice. Sitting daily helps us build upon our own practice, grow in our practice, and see different experiences with more clarity. When we sit even for five minutes a day, we are able to see the changing nature of the mind, practice, and experience. It also helps us build a commitment to our practice. Here are a few tips we have found helpful in our efforts to sit every day.

Find a Regular Time

This can be one of the most helpful things to do to build a regular practice. When we set a regular time to meditate, we make the time to meditate. It helps us make meditation a priority (more on this in a moment) and make the time to meditate. Furthermore, when you sit regularly at a specific time, you build a habit. You can find a time which works for you. I like to sit in the morning immediately after waking up. I sit before looking at my phone, eating breakfast, or doing anything else. After doing this for a couple weeks, it becomes our habit. Investigate when works, and schedule some space for meditation at that time each day.

Sit Somewhere Consistently

Like finding a regular time, finding a regular place to sit helps us build habit. When we go to sit in our regular sitting space, the mind will associate it with meditation with more ease. You can find a corner of your living room, build an altar, or sit outside. Wherever it is, find a space in which you can sit consistently. It may help to find a space in which you don’t use for anything else. Keep it as your meditation space!

Set a Duration

Set a goal for yourself for how long you are going to sit. Make it reasonable and achievable! Start with something like five minutes a day if you are new. Don’t overdo it. Set a timer for the duration you wish to sit for, and set the intention to sit through the period no matter what. When you sit for a regular amount of time, it helps you build a similar regularity to your practice. You will also find yourself able to get through the time with more ease over time. When the timer goes off, don’t be afraid to continue sitting!

Practice One Practice

There are many types of meditation practices. From heart practices to insight practices, we can get overwhelmed with the options for our sitting periods. Try sitting with one practice for a period of time. For example, only sit in concentration meditation for a week or two. This can give you the opportunity to investigate a practice in more depth than if you bounce around too much. Especially if you are relatively new to meditation, this can help you work with a practice and understand it with more clarity.

Make Meditation a Priority

This tip may seem a bit less pragmatic than the rest, but it’s incredibly helpful. We often hear from our students that they don’t have time to meditate. Our experience is that if you make meditation a priority, you will make the time to sit. Are there other things you do in your daily life that you could perhaps set aside for some meditation time? Watch the television for a few minutes less, wake up a bit earlier, or carve some time out of your lunch break. If you want to give meditation a true shot, make it a priority and sit daily.

Find a Meditation Buddy

This has helped us greatly in our own practice. Do you have a friend also interested in meditation? Talk with your friend and set the intention to sit daily. Check in with each other. This can help you build accountability. We have done this even with a group text of people who want to sit daily. Finding a meditation buddy will help you in accountability and give you somebody to talk with about your practice!

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